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Unisex Satin Lined Hoodie

Unisex Satin Lined Hoodie

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Finally a hoodie made to protect your hair! This hoodie does what you expect it to do during those cool months; keeps you warm and cozy when the winds blow, but what's the surprise? The hood is lined with satin to protect your hair from tangles, breakage and hair loss that can be caused by traditional hoodies. It also helps your hair retain moisture and helps increase the longevity of your hairstyles! Do you really need another reason to buy this hoodie? It's warm, comfortable, and a protects your hair!

Made from 100% cotton featuring a satin lining inside of the hood.

It is recommended that women size down for a tighter fit. 

This is a chocolate brown hoodie with matching chocolate brown satin. Colors may vary slightly due to lighting in photo. 

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