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Sexy Satin Robe Set

Sexy Satin Robe Set

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The Self Care Kit is the perfect addition to any self-care routine. Make yourself feel like a queen this Valentine's Day with our carefully curated self-care kit wrapped in luxurious packaging. We created this kit for the girl that needs a little extra love this year! This kit includes a luxurious satin robe, face wash headband, and satin scrunchie.

  • Satin Robe: Feel like a queen in our luxurious satin robe with exaggerated arms as the smooth feel of satin glides across your skin. 
  • Face Wash Headband: The face wash headband is just what you need to protect your edges from water as you wash the day away from your face during your skincare routine. Who wants to ruin their edges after working so hard to perfect them?! Not us! That's why we've added this helpful tool to allow you to take protect your hair while also caring for your skin.
  • Satin Scrunchie: Lastly, pull your hair away from your face while you complete your self-care routine with a satin scrunchie. Satin scrunchies are proven to help secure your hair in a ponytail with less chance of leaving an indentation in your hair. Protect your fresh style and provide moisture to your hair!
    • Protecting your hair and your mental health? Now, this is the perfect self-care routine. The self-care kit is just what you need to enhance that self-care routine and help you really become THAT girl. What are you waiting for?! It's time for you to finally step into your power bestie. We're rooting for you!

    Material: Satin & Polyester

    Sizing: One size fits most (fits sizes 0-12 comfortably)

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